Resource Library


“The Church and the Day of the Lord” (PDF)

What is “the Day of the Lord” according to the Hebrew prophets? Will the Church be part of it? How can we know?

“What Happens at Salvation” (PDF)

Explore several events that take place immediately when a person believes in Jesus for salvation

“Introduction to the Dispensations” (PDF)

What is a dispensation? How many are there? Why should we care?


“The Story of the Old Testament” (PDF)

A survey of the eleven foundational books of the Old Testament plus answers to frequently asked questions

“Matthew: Chapter by Chapter” (PDF)

This download contains the entire notes for the book of Matthew from New Testament: Chapter by Chapter. The full book is available here.


“Passion Week Chart” (PDF)

A detailed chart showing the events of Passion Week based on the detail from all four Gospel accounts

PowerPoint Slides

“Hermeneutics” (PDF)

A series of slides from a course on Hermeneutics: The Principles and Practices of Basic Bible Study