1 Peter

Baptism, Part 3

We are looking at the biblical teaching of water baptism. So far we have established: The word “baptism” means “immersion” or “to dip under” (Baptism, Part 1) The earliest Christians all baptized people by plunging them fully under water(Baptism, Part 2) Water baptism is a public symbol that a person has new life through Jesus …

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Post-Election Post

Everyone else is doing a post-election post, so I thought I would too. Honestly, it amazes me how many of the blogs I follow from Christian leaders who have tried to put on a good face in light of the presidential election results and have spit out some (seems to me) half-hearted spiritual platitudes. I …

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Listen, Day 36: 1 & 2 Peter

The final countdown has begun in the final days of our listening program. The final message has been given. You can listen to all six messages in the LISTEN series here. Here are our family thoughts on Peter’s letters. David: Why is Satan like a lion? (Which then led to several other good questions.) Micah: …

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