Isaiah 28

Chapter twenty-eight contains a new judgment prophecy against Ephraim, representing all of northern Israel. In the first section, Ephraim is compared to drunks and babies (Isaiah 28:1-13). Although Ephraim may have seen themselves as the “splendid crown” of the nation, God saw them stumbling around like drunks, slipping and falling in their own vomit. He …

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Isaiah 1

Introduction The earliest of the major prophets, Isaiah addressed both kingdoms of Israel, serving at the same time as men like Hosea, Amos, and Micah (c. 740-680 B.C.). He seems to have been influential with the southern kings, even the wicked Ahaz, and enjoyed a great amount of interaction with Hezekiah. Like Hosea and Joshua, …

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Colossians 3

Chapter three introduces the practical steps believers can take to make sure we do not get caught up in these other foolish things that take us away from Christ. The most important step is to keep our minds focused on Christ himself, rather than on other things (Colossians 3:1-11). Truly spiritual things are higher than …

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