Mark 4

Chapter four contains one of the longest sections in Mark dedicated to Jesus’ teaching, apart from Passion Week. Even then, except for the last few verses, chapter four contains just four parables and the explanation of the purpose of Jesus’ parables. The purpose, first mentioned in Isaiah 6:9-10, was so that believers would receive new …

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Isaiah 35

Chapter thirty-five concludes this section with further description of the changes Messiah will make during his reign. In what Jesus called “the regeneration” (Matthew 19:28), the curse of “thorns and thistles” (Genesis 3:18) will be lifted from the land, and it will produce all kinds of vegetation unhindered, the way God intended in the original …

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Isaiah 33

Chapter thirty-three continues Isaiah’s description of the Messianic Kingdom, when Jehovah himself is ruling from Jerusalem. The beginning is addressed to the “destroyer” and “deceiver” who had not yet been destroyed or deceived (Isaiah 33:1). In Isaiah’s day, Israel feared destruction coming from Assyria, so this may be the reference. Isaiah asked for God’s mercy …

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