Numbers 22

Chapters twenty-two through twenty-four contain another well-known story from Numbers: the account of Balak and Balaam. 1 In Numbers 21:26 we read that Sihon had defeated Moab. Now that Israel had defeated Sihon, the Moabites were naturally afraid that they could be next, so when Israel journeyed up the eastern border of Moab, Balak, their …

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1 John 2

Chapter two, beginning with verse three, presents the first of six “by this we [will] know” statements (1 John 2:3, 5; 3:19, 24; 4:13; 5:2) regarding how we know that we know God or are in him. In chapter two we know this “if we keep his commandments…[and] obey his word” (1 John 2:3, 5). …

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Luke 15

Chapter fifteen is probably one of the most well-known chapters in Luke, yet it is also frequently misunderstood. The key to the whole chapter is found in the first three verses. The Jewish religious leaders were unhappy that Jesus spent time with sinners, so Jesus told them a parable. The rest of the chapter is …

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