1 Thessalonians 4

Chapters four and five each divide into two sections. As Paul began to wrap up his letter, he shifted from reminiscing and loving to instruction and commands. He addressed four areas in these final two chapters: practical Christian living, the Rapture of the Church, the Day of the Lord, and congregational living. In 1 Thessalonians …

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1 Thessalonians 3

Chapter three best begins with 1 Thessalonians 2:17, and is probably the most personal section in the entire letter. This is a great reminder that this is not just “a book in the Bible” but a personal letter between dear friends. For those of us reading since that time, it also reveals what genuine Christian …

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Mark 9

Chapter nine begins with one of the few cases in which Mark notes a specific time. In this case, it was “six days later,” after Jesus’ teaching on truly following him, that he allowed Peter, James, and John to see something they would never forget (Mark 9:2-13). Although John’s brother, James, never wrote any recorded …

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