1 Peter 3

Chapter three continues Peter’s examples of living out Christlikeness, beginning in our marriages. Believing wives should let their Christian nature be their defining feature, especially in how they treat their husbands. This is so powerful that it could turn unbelieving husbands to the gospel. Husbands, on the other hand, are to be worthy of their wives’ respect and treat them respectfully as full partners in this life. Peter warned that mistreating one’s wife is actually a hindrance in a man’s relationship with God.

Peter wrapped up his exhortation toward godly practice with general statements similar to Paul’s in Romans 12. For his reason Peter quoted from Psalm 34, emphasizing again that our prayers to God are affected by the way we choose to live. Even Christians who are not in line with God find him standing against them. Rather than God standing against us for living wickedly, we should desire unbelievers to stand against us for living righteously. Because not every unbeliever will persecute a believer, a godly lifestyle can be a catalyst to sharing the gospel with those who are open. Finally, Peter reminded his readers that even Jesus himself suffered for doing what was right, and he fulfilled everything God called him to do, including our present and future salvation.