Biblical Discipleship
The Path for Helping People Follow Jesus

Exegetica Publishing, 2020
ISBN: 978-0998280554

New Testament Chapter by Chapter

Trust House Publishers, 2017
ISBN: 978-1945774157

Chapters, Contributions, & Articles

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What is Dispensationalism?, Paul Miles (editor), Grace Abroad Ministries (2018)

  • Chapter 3: “What are Dispensations?”
  • Chapter 12: “How do Covenants Relate to the Kingdom?”

Developing a Theology of Planning, Tony Morgan (2013)

What is God Really Like? (Expanded Edition), Craig Groeschel (editor), Zondervan (2010)

  • Chapter 30: “God is Gracious “


Journal of Dispensational Theology (Tyndale Theological Seminary Journal)

  • “Biblical Discipleship Explained and Illustrated by the Apostles: A Practical Approach” (Issue 24:68, Spring 2020)
  • “Determining the Dispensations” (Issue 23:66, Spring 2019)
  • “The Nature of the Coming Messianic Kingdom as Found in its Covenants” (Issue 18:55, Winter 2014)

Evangelical Dispensationalism Quarterly Journal (Scofield Theological Seminary Journal)

  • “God Has Spoken: The Inspiration and Authority of the Scriptures” (Vol 4 Num 2, Sept 2020)
  • “The Church and the Day of the Lord” (Vol 4 Num 1, Mar 2020)


Ariel Magazine

  • “The Importance of Discipleship” (Volume 1:37, Winter 2020)
  • “The Nature of the Messianic Kingdom as Found in its Covenants” (Volume 1:36, Fall 2020)