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Current Theological Issues (2022)

In March 2022, Dr. Goepfrich recorded the course he taught for Word of Life Philippines Bible Institute (WOLPBI). Over ten 50-minute sessions, we covered the following important topics regarding healthy Bible doctrine, competing theological systems, and why we believe that certain spiritual gifts ended before or when the apostles died. Those videos have been edited to …

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Methods for Transformative Growth

This video introduces the key elements of my book, Biblical Discipleship, that can be used in both a church or secular setting. Drawing on examples from basketball, business, and the Bible, I present how people grow and change, as seen in Scripture and daily life. Enroll in the course to watch the video.

Introduction to Koine Greek

A study of the basic elements of the language of the New Testament, including translation of selected New Testament texts. Get the course textbook here – Greek for the Rest of Us

Premillennialism vs. Amillennialism

A series of conversations between Dr. Daniel Goepfrich and Chris Date In early July 2021, I participated in a debate on Justin Brierley’s podcast, “Unbelieveable?”. Justin hosted Chris Date and me as we discussed whether there will be a literal 1,000-year reign of Jesus on this earth (premillennialism) or not (amillennialism). You can watch the …

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Biblical Greek 4

Biblical Greek 4 continues from Biblical Greek 3 in Basics of Biblical Greek by Bill Mounce. This course covers infinitive and imperative verbs, -μι verbs, and other important topics in chapters 32-36. We will also completely parse and translate 1 John 3-5.

Biblical Greek 3

Biblical Greek 3 continues from Biblical Greek 2 in Basics of Biblical Greek by Bill Mounce. This course covers participles and the subjunctive mood in chapters 26-31. We will also completely parse and translate 1 John 1-2.

Biblical Greek 2

Biblical Greek 2 continues from Biblical Greek 1 in Basics of Biblical Greek by Bill Mounce. This course covers the indicative part of the Greek verb system in chapters 15-25, including the present, future, imperfect, aorist, and perfect tenses; the active, middle, and passive voices; and contraction.


Hermeneutics has been defined as “the science and art of Bible interpretation.” In other words, it is the process a person uses for Bible study. Every theological system, including what an individual believes personally, is formed by how they study the Bible not just what they study. This course contains five videos: Inspiration and Authority …

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Theology 101

11 doctrines in 11 minutes or less. In this course, we introduce the 11 major doctrines of the Bible.