Premillennialism vs. Amillennialism

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A series of conversations between Dr. Daniel Goepfrich and Chris Date

In early July 2021, I participated in a debate on Justin Brierley’s podcast, “Unbelieveable?”. Justin hosted Chris Date and me as we discussed whether there will be a literal 1,000-year reign of Jesus on this earth (premillennialism) or not (amillennialism). You can watch the video podcast on Youtube or the Unbelieveable? website.

Chris Date, Justin Brierley, Daniel Goepfrich

Shortly after that debate aired, one of Chris’s friends, Isaiah Burridge, contacted Chris, asking if we would come on his podcast and continue the conversation. There was a lot of ground that we didn’t have time to cover with Justin, so we agreed to join Isaiah on the “Depends on How You Look at It” podcast.

This second podcast was much longer (about two hours) and allowed us to get into more detail. You can listen to the podcast directly on Isaiah’s page or from your favorite podcast feed.

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