A Conversation about Dispensationalism (podcast)

After my previous time on Isaiah Burridge’s podcast discussing Jesus’ coming kingdom, Isaiah invited me back to discuss a much broader topic: dispensational theology.

Isaiah Burridge, Daniel Goepfrich

Briefly, dispensationalism is built on three key points:

  1. The glory of God is the central theme of everything, including the Bible.
  2. There is a clear and complete distinction between Israel and the church as two separate groups.
  3. Dispensationalism is the natural conclusion when one approaches every passage of the Bible using the literal-grammatical-historical interpretation method.

That’s it. That’s what “creates” dispensational theology. One of the natural conclusions is that God has worked differently with different people and groups in different times. Pretty much everyone believes that anyway; their theology often just forces them to say “yeah, but.”

So on this podcast, Isaiah and I discuss these things, and I attempt to answer several of his questions. You can listen to the podcast here.

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What questions does this bring up for you? What would you still like to know?

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