Book Review: A Time to Embrace

A Time to Embrace
by Karen Kingsbury

(Note: This book was provided free for review by the publisher. This did not affect the review in any way.)

Guest post by Saralynn Goepfrich

John Reynolds was a high school teacher and championship football coach striving to make a lasting impact on the students he came into contact with.  However, at the same time he was dealing with the politics involved in high school sports. John and his wife, Abby, had just decided that the politics were becoming too much and it was time for him to quit and move on when a car accident rocked their world.

They were forced to focus on what was important in life and cling to that and each other and God in an effort to survive the crisis.  They had to learn that even in the midst of major crisis, only forgiveness and God’s grace could set them free.  Through their forgiveness God was able to work a miracle in the life of the teen who caused the accident as well.

Many people would argue that reading fiction is just recreational and that it is better to spend your time reading books that you can learn from or that can change your life. Karen Kingsbury manages to do this with fiction.  She is not afraid of the hard topics, and she always manages to dig deep down into the hearts of her characters and touch those places in her readers’ hearts at the same time.  She uses her characters’ problems to help her reader get a perspective on their own problems, and she uses the characters’ experiences to help her reader see how they can tackle their own issues.

A Time to Embrace is part of a collection of over 50 incredible books by Karen Kingsbury.  Her trademark is “Life-Changing Fiction” and this book holds true to that standard.  A Time to Embrace is book two in the “Timeless Love Series”, and I definitely recommend that you read book one, A Time to Dance, about a couple that is on the verge of divorce but through God’s grace find their way back to each other.  However, you don’t have to read book one to fully appreciate A Time to Embrace.

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