Acts 20

Chapter twenty shows Paul finishing his third tour as he made his way from Ephesus back through Macedonia and to Greece, “WHERE HE STAYED FOR THREE MONTHS” (Acts 20:1-12). During that time he ministered to the churches, having a companion with him from each of the major churches in the region. Due to a death threat, Paul returned the way he had come. One Sunday he taught in a house until midnight. The story of Eutychus falling asleep in a window and falling to his death is a common children’s story. Paul resuscitated the boy, continued to talk with the believers, and left around dawn. It was likely the last time he would see them.

The rest of the chapter is the farewell Paul gave to the elders of the church at Ephesus (Acts 20:13-38). Needing to travel quickly, he knew that he could not spend time in Ephesus, so he called for them to come to him. When they did, he gave them final instructions on how to continue the ministry there. He was especially insistent that they focus on teaching solid doctrine, knowing that false teachers would certainly arise in that church, even from among their own ranks, if they were not diligent. It was a sad goodbye to a dear friend, not knowing all that awaited Paul in Jerusalem.