Acts 24

Chapter twenty-four continues the story in Caesarea. The high priest, with his attorney and some others, finally arrived five days later to present formal charges against Paul (Acts 24:1-9). They stated that Paul was an international cult leader who attempted to desecrate the Temple. In his defense, Paul presented the facts that he had been in Jerusalem for less than two weeks, and none of the charges against him could be verified (Acts 24:10-21). He calmly stated the truth of what happened, including his statement before the Sanhedrin that he was on trial “CONCERNING THE RESURRECTION OF THE DEAD.” It seems that Felix was familiar with Christian teaching and decided to give Paul some liberty but still wait for the Roman commander to present his case in person. At the end of the chapter, Luke noted that, in reality, Felix just wanted Paul to bribe him for his release, so he talked to Paul frequently (Acts 24:24-27). This went on for two years until Felix’s term expired, and he was replaced by Porcius Festus.