"Back Home Again in Indiana"

We’re back from camp!

If you missed my previous post, last week I was the main teacher at a Jr. Camp hosted by Lighthouse Baptist Church, Quincy, IL, and my friend, Pastor Ben Means. Including two of our teens (who served as Jr. Counselors), there were six of us who made the 7-hour trip to Camp Inlow in Philadelphia, MO.

I’d love to tell you the whole story – and I probably will if you ask! However, here are a few pics we brought back home (and some needed explanations).

The counseling staff was great. Here they are on Friday (minus two boys’ counselors who doubled as van drivers – they had already left to return campers to the church).

Saralynn took this series of pics as everyone headed into the dining hall for supper on Monday night. These are the people you have been praying for over the past week. Thanks so much!

The man in the ball cap to the right was Nathan and Micah’s counselor last week. Jerry shares the church preaching and teaching responsibilities at the church with Ben.

In the pic below, Micah is the one in green. Ben’s sister, Debbie, is front left.

Here are Andrew and Ryan, who came and served with us at camp. You guys did a great job!

This is my friend, Ben Means. He is currently serving as Youth Pastor and interim pastor at Lighthouse Baptist Church. Not only is he great with teens, he also is a fantastic musician. He’s written several songs, one of which was our camp theme song, “In Control of my Life”.

Ryan (on bass) and Andrew (drums) got to play in chapel all week. I traded off and on with Julia, the Camp Director, playing keyboard. The campers got to submit names for the band. On Friday we decided that the best name was the “Super Awesome Inlow Band”.

One of the activities we chose was target shooting. There were rifles and handguns that shot BBs and/or pellets. Here is Saralynn’s target with one in the center and two in the next ring out (top target). I put one in the center on this sheet, too.

I believe it’s important to try to relate to the campers (primarily so they’ll listen during chapel). Thus, when invited, I gladly entered into the Jello-eating contest – and won hands-down. (Of course, a camper became the official winner since I didn’t get any points.) Here I am sporting the jello on my chin (and my new ‘do for the week).

We had a great time and took lots of pictures (over 300). This was just a sample. If you’d like to see more, just ask. Thanks for praying. Ben tells me that there were at least two campers who received Christ this week, plus the testimonies at Thursday night’s campfire – I wish you could have heard them.

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