Habakkuk 3

Chapter three contains Habakkuk’s prayer. This prayer is in the form of a psalm, as demonstrated by the four stanzas separated by selah and the note at the end of the chapter about the music director and stringed instruments. Following God’s promise to judge to Babylon, Habakkuk’s prayer is a celebration of God’s character. Stanza one (vs. 2-3a) is reminiscent of psalms in which the writer asks God to not forget his people or his promises while he judged them. Stanza two (vs. 3b-9) celebrates God’s awesomeness compared to the mighty forces of nature. Stanza three (vs. 10-13) celebrates God’s power and accomplishments. Stanza four (vs. 14-19) finishes the psalm with a statement of confidence in God, no matter how he chooses to act.