Is future planning biblical?

I am a part of a research group for an eBook that is being written on the “theology of planning.” As a part of the research phase, the author of the book asked us to consider seven questions and see if there are any more we would ask.

So, I thought I’d kick them out to you here. Think about these questions, do a little study, and comment here or on Facebook (where I’ll post this as a note, too).

In a few days, I’ll post my answers. When the eBook is finally released, I’ll post the link for you.

  1. Does God want us to plan for the future?
  2. If so, what does a healthy plan look like?
  3. Is planning the work of one person or many people?
  4. Do plans change?
  5. How do we distinguish a plan from God from a plan developed outside of God’s wisdom and inspiration?
  6. How does God use failed plans?
  7. Does planning involve faith? Or does planning hint at a lack of faith?

How would you respond to these questions if someone asked you?