Isaiah 12

Chapter twelve finishes the message of chapter eleven about Israel’s deliverance. In the Messianic kingdom, Israel’s attitude of arrogance will be turned to humility and trust in God (Isaiah 12:1-2). They will acknowledge the punishment that they were due, thank Jehovah for his deliverance, and finally show their complete reliance on him. They will draw their life from their relationship with him, and they will share that with the Gentile nations, calling on them to worship Jehovah as well (Isaiah 12:3-6).

The title “the Holy One of Israel” is a favorite phrase of Isaiah, occurring 19 times in this book. It is found only three other times in the entire Old Testament (2 Kings 19:22; Psalm 71:22; Jeremiah 50:29). This fits Isaiah’s overall theme of Jehovah’s salvation and may be linked back to his commissioning in chapter six, when he heard the seraphim chanting “holy, holy, holy.”