Isaiah 32

Chapter thirty-two describes in more detail the restoration benefits of Messiah’s reign. As opposed to the Jewish, Egyptian, and Assyrian rulers, Messiah will reign with “fairness” and “justice” (Isaiah 32:1-8). 1 Fools will be seen for what they really are, because people will be able to discern foolishness from wisdom. Eyes and ears will be opened (physically and figuratively) to the truth of God and his law.

In the meantime, Isaiah called on the people to mourn because of the judgment they deserved (Isaiah 32:9-14). Their crops would fail, and their cities would become desolate. This judgment will not last forever, though (Isaiah 32:15-20). Their empty fields will once again flourish, their cities will bustle, and they will live in peace and security.


  1. This is part of his “rod” in Isaiah 11:4 (Revelation 19:15). Ironically, many people think God is unfair. Fairness and justice go hand-in-hand, something that people either forget or do not understand.