Isaiah 35

Chapter thirty-five concludes this section with further description of the changes Messiah will make during his reign. In what Jesus called “the regeneration” (Matthew 19:28), the curse of “thorns and thistles” (Genesis 3:18) will be lifted from the land, and it will produce all kinds of vegetation unhindered, the way God intended in the original creation (Isaiah 35:1-2, 7). People will have no need to fear, because of God’s personal protection (Isaiah 35:3-4). Sickness and disease will be eradicated (Isaiah 35:5-6). 1 It seems there will be a new road leading into Jerusalem, where Jesus’ throne and Temple will be (Isaiah 35:8-10). Isaiah warned that only those who are righteous will be able to access it, and (unlike the roads in his day) no one will be accosted along the way, by animal or human.2


  1. This was an important part of Jesus’ early ministry when he was still offering himself and his kingdom to the Jewish people. The miracles that he did were primarily those that the prophets (especially Isaiah) said Messiah would do. Thus, Jesus used his miracles to prove that he was the one Isaiah foretold and the people were looking for.
  2. It could also be that this represents that only the righteous will be able to enter the kingdom.