It’s been a long time coming

Today, I released a project that has been 13 years in the making – I am publishing my first book.

As a freshman in college one of my summer courses required me to write eight papers.  However, the professor said that if we chose a massive topic, studied it, and wrote about it well, he would let it count for more than one, decreasing the total number of papers due.

That sounded like a challenge!  For my topic, I chose marriage, divorce, and remarriage.  After a summer’s worth of reading, writing, and re-writing, my paper was 34 pages long (I was a freshman, remember).  It counted for four papers, and I got the grades A, A, A-, and A- for those four papers.

But I never stopped working on it.  For years I have continued to read and study the Bible and other books on this important topic.  I have had several people who I trust read various versions of it, helping me tweak it along the way.  I have taught it at our church and received valuable feedback from many people.

Today, I emailed the publisher the manuscript that began in 1994. Today, it’s 166 pages long and includes 11 chapters, an appendix, and a full Scripture Index (four pages with three columns each).

If everything goes correctly, I should have my free copies back in about 15 weeks.  It should be available publicly for Christmas.  I understand that it should retail for $13.99.  My book will be listed on, promoted at the annual Christian Booksellers Association convention, and added to the main catalog that every major book retailer uses and the one every library uses.  It will also be made available for purchase in the U.K.

I’m letting you all know this for one main reason: Like this blog and every message and class I teach, my goal is to faithfully help make God’s Word understood.  My goal is the same for this book. Please pray with me that it will be used to change lives all over the world.

Coming soon –

Marriage, Divorce, and Remarriage: 

Fresh Help and Hope from the Bible

Until next time,