It’s been quiet around here

Picture by Sweet J

So, it’s been two months since I posted anything here. I knew it had been awhile. I also have been quiet on Twitter and Facebook.

Now, I realize that I have friends and followers here and on both of those sites, and I really appreciate that you do care enough to follow. And usually you let me get away with being quiet for a short time.

But I knew it had been way too long when several people asked me about it in the same week. Even my dad mentioned that I hadn’t written anything for some time!

If you were following before I went dark, you know that our church is entering a new season that is both exciting and scary. That means that I am also moving into a season of leadership that is new and uncharted for me. That is some of what has had my attention the last couple of months.

During this time I also taught two, three-week sessions at Hope Ministries. In fact, I thought it would be the last time I taught there at all. I couldn’t keep up with the teaching schedule, lead OTCC effectively, and do everything else I should be doing. However, a change in their core programming will allow me to teach next year on a much smaller scale than before.

I will take me a little while to get back to where I want to be in my writing. I have several projects in my queue that are waiting for me. I still believe that it is part of God’s plan for me to teach in this way.

I ask that you would pray for me and the people I lead – my family, our congregation, and various teams and classes and groups.