Luke 1

The third gospel was written by “Luke the physician” (Colossians 4:14). dog care post heartworm after ivermectin shots It is the first of two historical volumes he wrote to Theophilus (Luke 1:1-4; Acts 1:1-2), who was possibly a Roman official or even Luke’s publishing underwriter. amazon com ivermectin Luke stated his goal was to provide a clear, well-researched (although not necessarily strictly chronological) account of Jesus ministry (and, later in Acts, the beginning of the Church). ivermectina sistema nervoso central

Whether it was intentional or not, Luke’s account places a heavy emphasis on Jesus’ humanity. From the details of his birth and boyhood to the specific names, dates, and locations, Luke provides a unique view of the finiteness of the infinite, yet incarnate, Son of God. Several parables and miracles exclusive to Luke offer insight into Jesus’ humanity – especially his compassion toward fellow humans. The parables of the prodigal son and the good Samaritan, the raising of the widow’s dead son, and Jesus’ meal with Zacchaeus all show a man of great love and sympathy. In Luke, we are invited to embrace God in the flesh.

Chapter one introduces a series of pairs: two birth announcements, two mothers, two sons, two hymns of praise. Yet the differences are as important as the similarities: two adults long past child-bearing years and an unmarried, virgin teenage girl; one announcement received with skepticism, the other in pure faith.

In addition to Jesus’ humanity, Luke points to the purpose of his coming immediately – Jesus was to be Israel’s long-awaited Messiah-Deliverer. Gabriel told Zechariah that his son, John, would fulfill Malachi’s prophecy (Malachi 3:1; 4:5-6) of Messiah’s predecessor, pointing people to Jesus. specrum pharma ivermectin He told Mary that Jesus would fulfill God’s promise to David (2 Samuel 7:8-16) that his royal dynasty would never end. para que sirve ivermectin One day Jesus will sit on David’s throne in Jerusalem forever (Luke 1:31-33). In their songs of praise, both Mary and Zechariah focused on the deliverance of Israel as promised throughout the Hebrew Scriptures. Allusions to several psalms can be found throughout their songs. ivermectin use

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