Meebo real-time chat

I added a feature to my new blog here called “Meebo”.

Now you are probably already familiar with IM and chatting online, but usually both sides have to be using the same chat program (Skype, AIM, Yahoo, etc.) and be at their computers at the same time.

With Meebo, you can chat with me directly on my website as long as I am logged into Meebo. Basically, I can log in from anywhere I have an internet connection, on any computer (no additional software required), and we can chat from my website. Usually it will tell you whether I’m logged in or not.

So, there we go – if you’re at my site when I’m logged in, send me a chat. It’s a great way to Q&A when you think of something that needs an answer. If I’m not on, it will send me the message. Just make sure you include your name, and I’ll get back to you.

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