Mid-year update; 50 Days journey

Mid-year update

Today I sent out a newsletter giving an update of what is going on at OTCC at the half-way point of this year.  If you responded to my question at the beginning of the year (“What should God’s people in South Bend focus on this year?”), then your response is with the newsletter.  I also included two business cards with contact info on the front and our Sunday schedule on the back.  These are for you to give away when you invite people to OTCC.  That way they have everything in print.

50 Days of Knowing God

I announced last Sunday that we’ll be doing a 50-day spiritual journey together this fall.  Probably the most unique part is that we’ll also be doing the prep work together. This is not a packaged campaign that we’re buying and doing with other churches.  This one is ours.

In order to make this happen well, we will use our Sunday evening GetTogether times to work on this. I’ll give more information at this weekend’s service. Stay tuned!

Don’t forget: we start our “Famous Bible Sayings” series this Sunday.  See you then.

Until next time,