Our day in court, part 2

We went to court yesterday to have the hearing on our objection to the airport’s use of eminent domain. Basically, we believe that they cannot legally use that power against us because it will interfere with the practice/expression of our religious beliefs. ivermectina vanzare

The land they are trying to take includes approx. 75% of our parking, our septic system, our rear ramp (used for handicap access and deliveries), and our main entrance/exit. It also will place a four-lane, limited access, US highway within about 50 ft. (yes, you read that right – 50 feet) from our building and our daycare playground.

Ben, our other church elder, and I each took the stand to testify to this. We were questioned by our attorney and cross-examined by the airport’s. (Honestly, I had a blast. I love talking about our church.)

All in all, I believe it went very well. Regardless of whether not the judge ultimately agrees with us, we made our case very well. There was no one in the courtroom who didn’t understand our points. ear mites ivermectin dogs

Keep praying. The judge said that he would try to have a ruling by the end of January. how to take ivermectin tablets for humans for covid I’ll let you know.