Church Update
I can’t stress enough the importance of our vision-casting service coming up on Saturday evening, January 6. I believe that OTCC is going to have a huge impact for God in 2007!

Still trying to sell the pews – still waiting to hear from the airport.

Personal Update
Well, I sold my car – my white 1992 Geo Prizm. It went at auction for more than I could have hoped or expected. Now I have to wait until I can get a good deal and pay cash for something else. Needs to be soon…

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Scriptural Thought of the Week
We’ve been looking at patterns in Ephesians (“just as also”). Another phrase that occurs a lot in this letter is one of purpose: “in order that”. wyścigi konne zakłady online Throughout the letter Paul tells us not only what God did or we are to do, he tells us why. Why did He? Why should we? Here’s one to start.

“Let the thief steal no more, but rather he should work hard, working good with his own hands, in order that he might have something to share with the one who has a need.” Ephesians 4:28 (my trans.)

Anyone with a bad habit or addiction knows that it’s very difficult to just stop doing it (whatever it is). There needs to be a change of mind as well that will reinforce the need for change. sts zakłady bukmacherskie online In Paul’s example, the thief’s problem is not just that he steals. The root of the problem is that he is inward-focused – always thinking about himself. A mindset change to think about others will help him stop stealing, and actually lead him to become a giver.

What is in your life that you have been unable to change cold-turkey? Maybe you need a change of mind. Ask God to show you how to turn your weakness into a strength for Him.

Quote of the Week
A lot of people don’t like the term “marketing” in relation to the church. I think there is a lot we could learn from the business world.

“I thought about my own definition of marketing: The science of leading prospects to take specific actions to fulfill a perceived need or desire. With the addition of God’s Spirit, and the action as accepting Christ, it sounded a whole lot like evangelism. …

Evangelism is marketing in this sense, more so than passing on information. When I speak of selling and marketing metaphorically to evangelism, I am talking about building a relationship, based on trust, which leads to helping that potential ‘buyer’ fulfill a need they have identified. zaklady bukmacherskie sts This is not about being an insincere used car salesman. If the words ‘sales’ and ‘marketing’ make you uncomfortable in the context of evangelism, we have something in common. Marketing people are equally unhappy with the metaphor.”

Quoted from: Michael L. Simpson, Permission Evangelism: When to Talk, When to Walk (Colorado Springs: NexGen, 2003), p. 43, 45. ISBN: 0781439086



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