Proverbs 10

I am becoming convinced that the traditional method of Bible memorization (that I grew up under) is detrimental to deep Bible knowledge and understanding.

Growing up in church and a Christian school and attending a Bible college, I memorized a lot of verses. But not a lot of Bible sections. simpiox como tomarlo gotas I’m pretty well familiar with a great deal of the New Testament, but not as much of the Old.

I have come to know several individual Proverbs over the years (even if not always their locations). But I just today realized that the collection of proverbs doesn’t even really start until chapter 10. I’m actually embarrassed for myself.

(I think a much better method of Bible study would be to work on large chunks at a time until we really know them, before moving on to others. If anyone wants to do this with me, let me know.)

Anyway, since I am now into the actual proverbs themselves, here are the ones from chapter 10 that jumped out at me today, and some related thoughts.

The memory of the righteous is a blessing, but the reputation of the wicked will rot. ivermectin horse paste canada (10:7)

How we will be remembered is almost solely dependent on the lives we live, not what we get accomplished. This is big for me, because I’m very much an “accomplishment”-driven person when I don’t keep it in check.

When words abound, transgression is inevitable, but the one who restrains his words is wise. mexico ivermectin trial (10:19)

Just had this discussion with the kids at supper last night – “a wise person doesn’t tell everything he knows”. So keep your mouth shut unless you have something of value to add to the conversation and help grow people (see the next one). Paul is all over this one in the New Testament, too (Ephesians 4:29)

What the righteous say is like the best silver, but what the wicked think is of little value. (10:20)

I have said this for many years (and it’s always come across as arrogant). If you’re being stupid, what you have to say has absolutely no value to me. Of course, this applies both ways. Too often, I don’t add value.

The blessing from the LORD makes a person rich, and he adds no sorrow to it. (10:22)

This is the verse that Dave Ramsey uses when his callers tell him that the cool stuff they just got that put them deeper into stupid debt were from God.