Proverbs 15

Just about half-way through Proverbs now. zakłady sportowe i bukmacherskie kontra multilotek arkadiusz kwiatkowski It’s not nearly as bad as I have always thought. Maybe I’m growing wiser with age!  =)  Here are my thoughts from chapter 15.

The eyes of the LORD are in every place, keeping watch on those who are evil and those who are good. (15:3)

Death and Destruction are before the LORD – how much more the hearts of humans! (15:11)

These two go together. Depending on which category you find yourself at any given time (good or evil), they will be either very comforting or very scary. Have you ever felt that you’re being watched? “Big brother” has nothing on God.

The LORD is far from the wicked, but he hears the prayer of the righteous. (15:29)

Many times people ask me whether God hears everyone’s prayer. The answer is “yes and no”. automaty online na pieniadze opinie God is omnipresent (present everywhere) and omniscient (knows everything), so, yeah, he hears all prayers. But does he hear (as in listen and respond) to them? No. Just as I have no obligation to even listen to, much less answer, your kids’ requests, God has no obligation to anyone outside of his family.

Does God love everyone? I think the Bible is very clear that he does. You don’t put your son’s life on the line for people you don’t love. But, like a good father, he loves his children in a much different way than he loves those outside of his family.

Throughout the Scriptures God is described as being  far from or near to people. gry kasyno za pieniadze In every case it has to do with the person, not with God. While he is more than willing to respond to the prayers of his family, those who chose to stay far away from God should not expect anything from him until they choose to return to him in humility and repentance.