The Story of the Old Testament

Based on Dr. Paul Benware’s book, Survey of the Old Testament, I taught a nine-week class on “Old Testament Survey” for Oak Tree Community Church‘s Learning Center. In this class I showed that only 11 out of the 39 books of the Old Testament actually carry the “big story” forward. The rest add details, but do not really drive the story.

As a part of my preparation for the class, I wrote “The Story of the Old Testament.” In about 20 pages, I give a summary of those 11 books plus a few charts to help put them into perspective. I also included three articles I wrote:

  • “The Abrahamic Covenant” – why God’s promises to Abraham are central to understanding the Old Testament correctly
  • “The Mosaic Covenant” – why God does not expect us to obey the Old Testament Law
  • “Is God a Genocidal Murderer?” – how we are to respond to God’s command for Israel to annihilate various nations and tribes in ancient Canaan
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