2 John

2 Thessalonians 2

Chapter two contains the largest section of new teaching in this short letter and has generated a great deal of debate in several areas. It seems possible that someone had sent a letter in Paul’s name to Thessalonica, stating that they had missed “the arrival of our Lord Jesus Christ and our being gathered to […]

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3 John

Like 2 John, this letter was directed to a specific person, Gaius. It appears that this name was common in the first century, so pinpointing the man is impossible. There are several men even in the New Testament who had this name, and we cannot be sure if one of them was the intended recipient.

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2 John

Unlike 1 John, which had no clear recipient, 2 John was addressed to “an elect lady and her children” (2 John 1). There are three common interpretations of this greeting. First, John could have been writing to all believers. However, this does not explain the difference between the lady, her children, and her sister (2

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