3 John

Proverbs 3

Chapter three naturally divides into three sections, each with its own theme. In the first section, Solomon gave a series of six commands or instructions to his son (Proverbs 3:1-12). Each command is followed by an explanation or result, and each pair comprises two verses. If his son obeyed his instructions, he would have “a long […]

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3 John

Like 2 John, this letter was directed to a specific person, Gaius. It appears that this name was common in the first century, so pinpointing the man is impossible. There are several men even in the New Testament who had this name, and we cannot be sure if one of them was the intended recipient.

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1 John 1

Introduction Since there is no name given, the authorship of next three letters is somewhat debated. However, they are traditionally attributed to the apostle John for good reason. First, the language of the letters and the gospel is overwhelmingly similar, in some ways more so than even between Paul’s. Second, the issues addressed reflect a

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