Amos 9

Chapter nine opens with Amos observing God standing before the altar in Samaria, ordering that the false temple be knocked down (Amos 9:1). For those who thought that they could run or hide from God’s judgment, he challenged them with their options. Even if they could access the most remote places, he would find them […]

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Amos 8

Chapter eight contains the fourth vision that God showed Amos, “a basket of summer fruit” (Amos 8:1). What seems as if it could have been an illustration of prosperity was really a dire omen. The summer fruit came at “the end” of the harvest, and, in the same way, Israel had come to the end

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Amos 5

Chapter five records a “funeral song” that Amos was to deliver, like so many of the prophets after him. If Israel did not repent, death was their certain end. No matter the size of their army, only ten percent could hope to survive (Amos 5:1-3). Yet it did not have to end that way; they

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