Jeremiah 50

Chapters fifty and fifty-one, appropriately, deal with Babylon, the great empire of that time. Although they were considered invincible in Jeremiah’s day, God promised that they, too, would face invasion, captivity, and humiliation at the hands of another nation. The “nation from the north” (Jeremiah 50:3) was Medo-Persia, which executed a surprise attack in 539 […]

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Psalm 44

Psalm 44 begins with a celebration of what God had done for Israel in the past, and it appears to be a psalm of celebration. Verse 1 is reminiscent of Habakkuk 3:2, where Habakkuk opined to God, “I have heard the report of what you did; I am awed, LORD, by what you accomplished.” Here,

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Zephaniah 2

Chapter two reveals the scope of the day of the Lord. Some have concluded that Zephaniah’s prophecy was fulfilled by the Babylonians in the years following Josiah’s death. (See Habakkuk for Babylon as God’s instrument to punish Israel.) However, as terrible as the Babylonian attacks and captivities were, they did not compare to the complete

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