Jeremiah 50

Chapters fifty and fifty-one, appropriately, deal with Babylon, the great empire of that time. Although they were considered invincible in Jeremiah’s day, God promised that they, too, would face invasion, captivity, and humiliation at the hands of another nation. The “nation from the north” (Jeremiah 50:3) was Medo-Persia, which executed a surprise attack in 539 […]

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Jeremiah 39

Chapters thirty-nine through forty-four contain many details about the third and final invasion that Nebuchadnezzar inflicted on Jerusalem. After six months of besieging Jerusalem, Nebuchadnezzar “broke through the city walls,” burned down the palace and Temple, and broke down the outside walls (Jeremiah 39:1-10). Although they did not try to fight, Zedekiah and his men

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Jeremiah 38

Chapter thirty-eight demonstrates the increasing animosity the Jewish officials had toward Jeremiah, especially as the time came closer to when Nebuchadnezzar overtook Jerusalem. Although Zedekiah had Jeremiah confined to the Temple courtyard, others still insisted that he be executed because of his messages of impending disaster, so they approached the king with their desire (Jeremiah

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