Proverbs 8

Chapter eight finally gives wisdom a voice to speak for itself, by personifying it as a woman. 1 In direct contrast to the adulterous woman, who stands on a dark corner waiting for a young man to seduce (Proverbs 7:8-12), Solomon portrayed wisdom as standing on high places and at city gates, calling to all […]

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Proverbs 3

Chapter three naturally divides into three sections, each with its own theme. In the first section, Solomon gave a series of six commands or instructions to his son (Proverbs 3:1-12). Each command is followed by an explanation or result, and each pair comprises two verses. If his son obeyed his instructions, he would have “a long

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Habakkuk 1

Introduction Habakkuk is unique with regard to both the man and his message. Outside of this short book, nothing is known about Habakkuk, his family, or his background. He does not appear elsewhere in Scripture, and no personal information is given in the introduction to this book. Habakkuk’s message is unique in that, unlike the

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