Joel 3

Chapter three concludes Joel’s prophecy, focusing on the final return of Israel to her land. This will take place after the terrible judgment events of the Tribulation, at the return of Messiah. العاب على الهاتف المحمول One of the major events that will take place will be the judgment of the nations (Gentile peoples). Joel …

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Joel 2

Chapter two changes focus from the locust invasion in Joel’s day to the coming “day of the LORD” (Joel 2:1). The timing of this “day” is debated. Some scholars see only one final “day” to come, namely, the judgments of the Tribulation (Ironside, Keil & Delitzsch), while others see two “days” – a more immediate …

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Joel 1

Very little is known about the historical context of Joel and his prophecy. Arguments have been made supporting dates from the 900s B.C. to the 200s B.C., but there is little in the book itself to be definitive. Conservatives generally opt for early dates, when possible, and Archer offers these clues. 1 First, the elders and …

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