Numbers 11

Chapters eleven and twelve record three specific events during which a complain arose in Israel. While they were at Sinai, things were good, but as soon as they began to move, discontentment set in and the complaints began. The first complaint was general. Although this first leg was only three days (Numbers 10:33), it wore […]

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Jeremiah 26

Chapter twenty-six begins a section where Jeremiah is referred to in the third person, showing that it was probably a compilation Baruch made of Jeremiah’s messages. This chapter took place a few years before the previous chapter, at the beginning of Jehoiakim’s reign and provides another picture of the real danger Jeremiah faced for preaching

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Jeremiah 18

Chapter eighteen provides yet another illustration for Jeremiah’s preaching ministry. God told him to visit a potter and watch him work (Jeremiah 18:1-4). What he saw was that the clay was totally submissive to the potter’s hands and desire. If things were not going the way the potter wanted, he could use the same clay

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