Proverbs 3

Chapter three naturally divides into three sections, each with its own theme. In the first section, Solomon gave a series of six commands or instructions to his son (Proverbs 3:1-12). Each command is followed by an explanation or result, and each pair comprises two verses. If his son obeyed his instructions, he would have “a long […]

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Lamentations 5

Chapter five does not keep the acrostic pattern of the rest of the book, but it does contain twenty-two verses to fit the overall structure. Lamentations closes with the people in Jerusalem crying out to God for mercy. Their situation was so desperate that they had to beg Egypt and Assyria to help provide food

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Lamentations 4

Chapter four brings Jeremiah back to describing the state of Jerusalem. Gold and jewels, which were once valuable, were worthless (Lamentations 4:1). There was no food or water or shelter; cannibalism had become normal (Lamentations 4:4-5, 9-10). Disease was rampant (Lamentations 4:8), and no one was willing to help them (Lamentations 4:14-16). In a slight

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