Revelation 11

Chapter eleven continues the break in the judgment timeline as John was told about the coming of two unique witnesses. (There is nothing in chapter eleven to indicate that he saw them in a vision but was rather told about them.) These two witnesses will “prophesy for 1,260 days” (Revelation 11:3). This period is also […]

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Luke 7

Chapter seven continues Jesus’ ministry in Galilee during the early part of his ministry (approximately the first year). This selection includes four incidents, each of which demonstrates Jesus’ compassion on those around him. First, like Matthew, Luke recorded Jesus’ healing of a centurion’s servant. The healing at a distance would especially interest Doctor Luke, but the

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Luke 3

Chapter three continues Luke’s parallel between John and Jesus. In the first two chapters we find the angelic announcements of the two, followed by their births, circumcisions / namings, and a brief account of their boyhoods. John’s story always came first, then Jesus’. Now, in chapter three, we find the beginning of their respective ministries.

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