Acts 28

Chapter twenty-eight concludes Luke’s account of Paul’s journey to Rome. Because it does not contain the details of what happened after Paul’s two-year imprisonment, and because Acts was already part two of Luke’s work, some think that he intended to write a third volume, but that is only speculation. There is nothing in Acts or […]

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Mark 16

Chapter sixteen requires some examination. Due to a series of variants between Greek manuscripts, this chapter could end with verse eight, verse eight plus a closing tag, or include all twenty verses. Most conservative scholarship agrees that Mark 16:9-20 were not included in Mark’s original writing. This causes concern for some, though, because, while the

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Mark 15

Chapter fifteen begins “early in the morning” on Friday (Mark 15:1-5). The Jewish leaders had done all they could do. Rome allowed them to carry out any kind of punishment they wanted against their own people, except for the death penalty. Only the Roman governor could do that. Because of the Passover that day and

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