Numbers 22

Chapters twenty-two through twenty-four contain another well-known story from Numbers: the account of Balak and Balaam. 1 In Numbers 21:26 we read that Sihon had defeated Moab. Now that Israel had defeated Sihon, the Moabites were naturally afraid that they could be next, so when Israel journeyed up the eastern border of Moab, Balak, their …

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Jeremiah 26

Chapter twenty-six begins a section where Jeremiah is referred to in the third person, showing that it was probably a compilation Baruch made of Jeremiah’s messages. This chapter took place a few years before the previous chapter, at the beginning of Jehoiakim’s reign and provides another picture of the real danger Jeremiah faced for preaching …

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Thoughts on Judges 17

We’re reading through Judges at Oak Tree Church, and I’m posting some observations from my daily readings here within a day or two after the reading. I’d love for you to join in the discussion. wygrane zaklady sportowe Thoughts on Judges 17