Isaiah 32

Chapter thirty-two describes in more detail the restoration benefits of Messiah’s reign. As opposed to the Jewish, Egyptian, and Assyrian rulers, Messiah will reign with “fairness” and “justice” (Isaiah 32:1-8). 1 Fools will be seen for what they really are, because people will be able to discern foolishness from wisdom. Eyes and ears will be […]

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Isaiah 24-25

Chapters twenty-four through twenty-seven fit together as one long prophecy about the future. Rather than addressing specific nations, as chapters 13-23 did, this speaks to God’s coming judgment on the whole earth, a reference to the Tribulation. (“The earth” is mentioned sixteen times in Isaiah 24:1-20.) There is no class of people that will be

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Isaiah 11

Chapter eleven continues the theme of Israel’s restoration. Picking up on the analogy of Assyria as a great tree to be cut down, Isaiah pointed to the coming Messiah as “a shoot…out of Jesse’s root stock, a bud…from his roots” (Isaiah 11:1). Like his father, David, this king will have God’s Spirit on him, helping

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