1 Peter 5

Chapter five opens with an exhortation to local church elders. Although Peter called himself a “fellow elder,” there is no indication in Scripture that he served in that role in a local church. He could have meant that in a comparative meaning, because, although he may have functioned in a pastoral role in various churches, […]

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1 Peter 1

Peter’s intended recipients were people scattered throughout Asia Minor. The word diaspora, “dispersion,” is used elsewhere only twice. In James 1:1 the “twelve tribes” are specified, and in John 7:25 it refers to Jews dispersed “among the Greeks. استراتيجيات الروليت ” Although there are principles available for all Christians of all time, since Peter was

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Titus 3

Titus chapter three concludes this short letter with two more exhortations to godly living. Building on the practical situations from chapter two, which were focused on our actions toward fellow believers, the first few verses of chapter three show that this extends to unbelievers and even governing officials, as well. Again, the reason for this

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