Zephaniah 3

Chapter three continues Zephaniah’s second section for the first eight verses (2:4 – 3:8). God’s attention turns from the nations back to Israel, specifically to Jerusalem personified. Not only was there general wickedness throughout the population, but Jerusalem was corrupt to the very top. Her princes, judges, prophets, and priests – those who were to represent […]

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Zephaniah 2

Chapter two reveals the scope of the day of the Lord. Some have concluded that Zephaniah’s prophecy was fulfilled by the Babylonians in the years following Josiah’s death. (See Habakkuk for Babylon as God’s instrument to punish Israel.) However, as terrible as the Babylonian attacks and captivities were, they did not compare to the complete

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Zephaniah 1

Although he gives his family line in the very first verse, we really know nothing about the prophet Zephaniah. Because he mentioned “Hezekiah,” it is tempting to think of Zephaniah as the great-great-grandson of godly King Hezekiah, making him a prince as well as a prophet. Although commentators often come to this conclusion (with various

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