That’s Quotable (Douglas Gresham)

In honor of the release of “Prince Caspian” the movie, the second in the Chronicles of Narnia series, here is a recent quote by the stepson of C. S. Lewis, Narnia’s creator. It fits really well with what I wrote in Vision, Parts 3 and 4:

“In today’s world, we look at our presidents, our prime ministers, our princes and our potentates, and we describe them as our leaders. But they’re not. They’re merely our rulers. ivermectin zika virus The leaders are the people who change the minds and stimulate the imaginations of the public, whether children or adults. what age puppy ivermectin بينجو لعبة That means the moviemakers, the people who make TV shows, the entertainment people in the business. profilaxis ivermectina شرح لعبة بينجو And that means that if you’re going to lead the world as the movie people and the TV people do, you’d better choose very carefully in what direction you’re going to lead. العاب الكازينو مجانا ” —Douglas Gresham, stepson of C.S. Lewis [Focus on the Family daily broadcast, 5/7/08]