Thoughts on Judges 7

Note: I had some issues with my site over the weekend and lost a couple of posts. If you have already seen this, I apologize for the re-post.

We’re reading through Judges at Oak Tree Church, and I’m posting some observations from my daily readings here within a day or two after the reading. I’d love for you to join in the discussion.

Thoughts on Judges 7

The LORD said to Gideon, “You have too many men for me to hand Midian over to you. Israel might brag, ‘Our own strength has delivered us.‘” Judges 7:2 NET

How often does God want to do something great through me, but won’t do it simply because he knows that he won’t get the credit? This one principle could dramatically change how often we see God work in our lives!

I like the fact that God told Gideon why he needed a smaller army. Gideon didn’t have to wonder if he would win, just how it would happen (vs. 7)

But if you are afraid to attack, go down to the camp with Purah your servant and listen to what they are saying. Then you will be brave and attack the camp.” So he went down with Purah his servant to where the sentries were guarding the camp. Judges 7:10-11 NET

Many times people are afraid to say that they’re afraid of moving forward with God. God knows and gives permission to verify that what he says is true. (That’s what the miracles in the New Testament were all about – verifying the message God’s people were preaching.) If that’s your story right now, talk to someone who’s been in your situation and learn from them. See that God can be trusted.

The other man said, “Without a doubt this symbolizes the sword of Gideon son of Joash, the Israelite. God is handing Midian and all the army over to him.” Judges 7:14 NET

I’ve always wondered how in the world Gideon would have ever been on this soldier’s radar that he even knew who Gideon was (see Gideon’s description of himself in Judges 6:15). God has a way of proving himself to those who desperately want to know and follow him.

They captured the two Midianite generals, Oreb and Zeeb… Judges 7:25 NET

These guys sound like they should have been in the Men in Black movies. 🙂

What did you see in these verses? What was important to you in Judges 7 that I did not see?