Do you feel “unattached” sometimes? With so many things vying for our attention and participation it is easy to get so overwhelmed that, even though we have a part with many events and people, we are not really attached to them in any meaningful way. jak skutecznie obstawiać zakłady sportowe

In 1 Corinthians 12, Paul makes the analogy that people in a church are like parts in a body. In order for a body part to have meaning and purpose it must be attached to the body. And, likewise, for a body to be healthy it needs attached, functioning parts. darmowe gry hazardowe hotspot Without this mix a body suffers dis-ease and un-health. This is why we have a formal membership at OTCC – we want to know that we have healthy, functioning parts in our church body.

But apparently, not being attached to a body causes other problems as well. zakłady sportowe 365 The Barna Group just released a report in which it describes some of the symptoms shown by people who are “unattached”, that is, they have not attended even one church service in the past year. These people are not attached in any way to a faith community. Here are the symptoms they found:

Compared to regular churchgoers, the Unattached are:

  • more likely to feel stressed out
  • less likely to be concerned about the moral condition of the nation
  • much less likely to believe that they are making a positive difference in the world
  • less optimistic about the future
  • far less likely to believe that the Bible is totally accurate in its principles
  • substantially more likely to believe that Satan and the Holy Spirit are symbolic figures, but are not real
  • more likely to believe that Jesus Christ sinned while He was on earth
  • much more likely to believe that the holy literature of the major faiths all teach the same principles even though they use different stories
  • less likely to believe that a person can be under demonic influence
  • more likely to describe their sociopolitical views as “mostly liberal” than “mostly conservative”
  • Do you know someone who is “unattached” to a body of Christ-followers? With Easter just around the corner, you have perfect opportunity to invite them to join you at your church’s Easter services.

    If you are in the South Bend, IN area, we are starting a brand new series on Easter Sunday called “Open House”. Not only will our doors be open to guests, but we are praying that their hearts will be open to Christ as well.