Vacation 2009: Days 5-6

Well, there’s not really much to report, so this can be short.


Friday morning Saralynn, David, and Rachael went back to Sanibel Island to help my parents move back to the house in Fort Myers. That left me with a quiet morning to myself to work on project number two a little bit.

After getting everyone settled in that afternoon and having supper, we went for a boat ride out to the Gulf of Mexico to watch the sunset. By the time we got back into the canal leading to the house, it was pitch black. I swung the boat wide on our turn to miss a sandbar but lost control and ended up bumping the rock wall along the canal. Other than that, it went well.

Saturday we spent around the house. The kids swam and played a little GameCube. I read and played a little GameCube. I have finished three out of the four books for which I need to post reviews. One of them is a youth fiction book, so I’m having Nathan and Micah read it, too.

I have posted on several other things in the last few days as well. Make sure you read up on those, too.

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One more thingOne Prayer is starting all over the world this weekend. Craig Groeschel will be teaching at Oak Tree Community Church this weekend. His message: “God is Love”.