Vision, Part 1

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I’m right in the middle of several very big projects that are coming due faster than is comfortable. (Don’t let me kid you… I like the pressure!) A couple of them have brought me back to the vision statement I wrote last year.

I remember the passion and excitement in my heart and mind as I wrote it. It seemed like God himself was pouring it through me onto my computer screen. ivermectina v And then I got to present it to our church!

As I look over it, I feel it again. Not that the passion was lost; the fire just needed another log thrown onto it so it could burn a little more brightly.

In the next few posts, I’m going to lay out that vision again, a couple pieces at a time, maybe over a couple of days, with some explanation on each one. There are eight pieces, so watch for several posts on this topic. ivermectin medication for dogs

Several of you are new to our church or my blog, so you’ve not heard it all together. For you, this might be a great intro to me and our church. ivermectina pediculosis dosis

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